M&W Global Services is a Christian organization encouraging enrollment at private Christian schools throughout the United States. It fully supports Christian education at the secondary level and encourages students to continue their college education at a Christian university.

While the M&W Global Services recognizes the existence of many quality Christian colleges and universities in the US, it fully supports one and only one Christian university: Liberty University.

Founded in 1971, Liberty University has grown to become a world class institution of higher education, enrolling more students than any other Christian institution of higher education in the world. With almost 1,000 international students from over 80 countries, Liberty University is the recommended school for agents interested in placing students in a safe college environment offering a wide-range of majors and focusing on academic, spiritual, social, professional and physical development of its students.

Tuition is among the most affordable for private schools in the US, and all international students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program receive tuition scholarship assistance.

For a list of the wide range of undergraduate majors ranging from Aviation Maintenance Technology to Zoology, please click here. For a list of Master’s and Doctoral program, click here.

Liberty University offers an accredited on-line high school education curriculum that allows international students to receive an American high school diploma without leaving their home country. Click here for more information.