Dear International Students, Parents, Host Parents, Teachers, and School Administrators,

Welcome to M&W Global Services!

We are dedicated to the success of your experience, whatever your role or interest

in international education. The staff of M&W Global Services have been involved in Christian international education for over 25 years, both on the college and high school levels.

We have worked with scores of host families, students, agencies, and schools, helping them to successfully navigate the often complex and confusing world of international education. By definition, international education is “foreign” to just about everyone involved. Students, many of whom have never been outside their home country, step off an airplane onto a new continent, attend a new school, learn to speak a new language, live with a new family or roommate, and often watch people worship a new God.

How “foreign” is that?

Over the last quarter of a century, We have come to greatly appreciate these students, their courage, their faith, and their determination to succeed. I have also come to appreciate the schools that enroll them and the families that host them. This website is dedicated to ALL of these amazing people, with a hope and a prayer that something in these pages will make their journey a bit more successful than it otherwise would be. God’s best to you!

M&W Global Services