Welcome to the exciting world of international education!

Many families have experienced the blessings, growth and challenges associated with hosting an international student. You are invited to consider this ministry for your own family.

International students vary in their preferences for a host home, but host families include families with high-school age children, families with younger children, single parents, and “empty nesters.”

Here are some of the many benefits associated with hosting an international student:

An opportunity to share the love of God with someone who may not have heard the Greatest Story Ever Told
It is hard to imagine that people can be completely ignorant of the gift of love given to the world through Jesus Christ. Hosting an international student is a stark reminder that much of the world still needs to know. Here is your chance to do something for the Great Commission.
  • A way to bring the world into your home
As technology develops, the world seems to grow smaller all the time. Yet many Americans are ignorant of what life is like in other countries and cultures. Hosting an international student increases your family’s awareness of customs, holidays, lifestyles, foods, and stories different than your own. Learning is fun.
  • Making a life-long friend
You and your children will make a friend for life! In many cases, your student’s parents will also become your grateful friends for the role you play in their child’s life!
  • Supporting your Christian school
  • Supporting other parents in raising their child
  • Earning extra income

What is expected of Host Families?

Those considering being a host family should determine if they are prepared to take in an additional child for a semester or a full school year and treat that student as their own. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Picking up your student at the airport
  • Showing patience while your student adjusts to life in the US, works on improving his English, strives to succeed in school, and makes plans to attend college in the US
  • Making your student feel she is part of your family, including having her join you for family devotions and at church once per week
  • Providing healthy meals on a daily basis
  • Making available a private (or sometimes semi-private) bedroom and access to a single-sex bathroom
  • Providing wireless internet access
  • Providing safe transportation to and from school, after school activities, and social eventst
  • Setting, communicating, and enforcing family standards
  • Taking your student on family outings
  • Encouraging, loving, and guiding, bathed in prayer

Other links under the “Resources for Host Families” tab, including the Host Family Manual, provide additional information that will help you evaluate being a host family to an international student.