International Student Placement

M&W Global Services collaborates with a network of professional and experienced affiliated partner agencies in various countries. These agencies recruit qualified international students for private Christian and Catholic schools in the US which have SEVIS authorization to issue the Form I-20.

In order for M&W Global Services to properly market a school to these students and their parents, we need information that will enable parents to thoroughly evaluate the program and compare it with other schools they are considering. In most cases, parents consider two or three schools recommended by their agency.

Factors international students and their parents find important include:

  • Location/geography
  • Size of the city or town in which you are located
  • Number of high school students
  • Number of international students, including the number of Chinese students
  • English as Second Language (ESL) program
  • Price
  • College placement history: % of graduates attending college/university
  • Average ACT or SAT scores
  • Big name’ schools your graduates have attended
  • Student-Teacher ratio
  • Size of your campus and your school’s facilities
  • Availability of AP courses

If you would like M&W Global Services to promote your school, please complete the attached International Program Questionnaire and email it back to M&W Global Services. Someone from M&W Global Services will contact you with any questions.

Remember: Your school’s website is often the primary way international students’ parents evaluate your school for their son or daughter. Your website should contain your school’s “profile,” including names of top schools where your graduates have gained admission.

Your website should also contain pictures of your school’s campus as well as students in various academic settings, including library, computer lab, and classrooms. Images of students interacting with faculty are important! Do not include large numbers of international students interacting with each other on your website. Parents considering your school want to know that their student will have ample interactions with American kids. Pictures should reflect internationals interacting with American kids.