The “Host Family Agreement” is a binding document that spells out the relationship between the Host Family and the Student (and his or her Parents). It is signed by the Host Parents and by the student’s parents, although the student should be very familiar with the terms of this Agreement.

Some elements of what a Host Family offers are “fixed,” including providing a bedroom, desk, chair, closet, meals, and transportation to/from school.

Other elements of the student/host family relationship are will vary family by family. For example, some families may not want students washing and drying their own clothes. They may choose to conserve water and include the student’s clothes along with the family clothes rather than having the student wash and dry smaller loads of clothing my him/herself.

Another variable may be lunch meals on school days. Some schools provide “school lunches” as part of the fees they charge all students. At other schools, lunches are paid for individually and are optional. Who is providing school lunches and in what form is another variable to be identified in the Host Family Agreement.

Other variable include mandatory church attendance, shared or private bedroom, shared or private bathroom, and whether or not other international students will be living in the home.

Some schools may have their own Host Family Agreement. Please contact M&W Global Services for a copy of the Host Family Agreement.