Many private Christian schools have not yet waded in to the world of international education. Some may not believe that enrolling students from other countries and cultures fits in with their mission. Others are intimidated by one or more of the various requirements for operating a successful international program which includes applying for initial SEVIS authorization, working with the SEVIS system, overseeing a student homestay program, or educating students whose native language is not English.

M&W Global Services believes that all of these apparent obstacles can be overcome with proper amount of commitment, planning, counsel, and investment. Rewards for implementing an international student program are spiritual, educational, and financial.

M&W Global Services works closely with the law firm of Serratelli Mijal PLLC in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Resources and experienced consultants are available to help with applying for initial SEVIS authorization, developing your school’s program, and acquiring the resources (and the students) you need to get started in this exciting field.

Becoming a SEVIS Approved School involves completing the on-line I-17 Application and submitting supportive documentation. Schools being considered for approval will receive a site visit.

Please contact the M&W Global Services for more information!