Our Philosophy

M&W Global Services supports private Christian and Catholic schools throughout the United States by providing enrollment support for international students.

M&W Global Services, along with its affiliate schools, teach a “Christian” world view based on the basic tenets of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. While having the deepest respect for the sacred stories, books, and traditions of other cultures and religions, M&W Global Services believes that the Christian story is the Story of Stories, the story that puts all other stories into proper perspective. Four major premises underlie the Christian story:

  • All of mankind seeks union with God.
  • Man, in and of himself, is incapable of uniting with God due to an alienating factor called rebellion or “sin.”
  • God is a personal being who loved the world so much he gave of himself to restore mankind to union with Him.
  • An offer of experiencing the benefits and blessings of spiritual union with God is freely made to everyone through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

In addition to preparing students academically for attendance at English-speaking colleges and universities, private Christian schools devote time and effort preparing students to live a healthy, happy, and harmonious life, regardless of their chosen profession or area of study. This preparation includes teaching and training in understanding the Bible as well as subjects that are discussed in the Bible such as morality, marriage and family, personal health and hygiene, communication, forgiveness and reconciliation, citizenship, and financial stewardship.