iTEP is the best way to assess the English proficiency of non-native speakers. Our exams are designed to be accurate, secure, efficient, and cost-effective for organizations and test-takers alike.

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International Student Placement

International Student Placement M&W Global Services collaborates with a network of professional and experienced affiliated partner agencies in various countries. These agencies recruit qualified international students for private Christian and Catholic schools in the US which have SEVIS authorization to issue the

Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to the exciting world of international education! Many families have experienced the blessings, growth and challenges associated with hosting an international student. You are invited to consider this ministry for your own family. International students vary in their preferences

College Recommendation

M&W Global Services is a Christian organization encouraging enrollment at private Christian schools throughout the United States. It fully supports Christian education at the secondary level and encourages students to continue their college education at a Christian university. While the

Host Family’s Testimonial

But please allow me to say how very much I enjoyed working with you and [your staff] this summer. Your patience, kindness and helpfulness made all the difference for me; it has been an honor and pleasure. With most sincere gratitude.

LISA C. Host Mom

School’s Testimonial

We are very interested in opening our doors to students from M&W. We have a short list of other agencies that we work with who provide us with students as well. We have appreciated the cooperative nature of our relationship with your organization this year.

KRIS M. INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR, Concord, Massachusetts school

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